The art of perfection.

Recognized as leaders in custom built framing and display, we see the art in how we protect your art work.



Custom Framing

Our custom made mouldings feature seamless corners and a high level of structural integrity. We carry a variety of wood, finishes and joinery, and offer the opportunity to create an exclusive signature to your artistic representation.

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Ready Made Frames

Fine Art Framing & Services now offers a selection of ready-made frames in standard sizes using our most popular mouldings, including black, black stain, walnut stain, white and natural wood.

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Mat Cutting

No blade matches the precision of our CNC Cutter. Computer operated our CNC Cutter gracefully cuts through multiple windowed mat boards with accuracy and ease, ensuring consistency amongst multiple framed works.

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Mounting Press

We offer a wide variety of backings that will enhance the display of your work and protect the work from bending or wrinkling.

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Wood Panels & Prepared Canvases

We bring over 25 years of expertise to fabricating custom panels and stretchers for artists. Using sophisticated construction and bracing, we can accommodate any size requests, including oversized specifications past the 8-10 foot measurement .

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We produce vitrines and plinths to accommodate both the design of your artwork and the specifications of the environment. Custom colours and a variety of wood veneers are available.

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Custom Projects

As industry leaders we specialize in providing the highest quality of craftsmanship, technicality and creativity to develop original products to meet your needs.

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